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Do you like this sauce? There's more, unfortunately!
I post sketches and random thoughts and a bunch of mediocre things here >> :iconghushpuppy:

You can call me GHush, Hushpuppy, Ashara, Üvi, Wofl Don'Ello, SeaShimmer, or "SeaPuppy Don'Elloshara, Medical Champion of the Frozen Sauce."

A digital artist who likes Starfox, TF2, and (USED TO PLAY) WoW and learning languages and mailboxes. One day, I'mma get my degree thing in Linguistics, and travel the world as a multilingual missionary who'll help people! Then I'll be an ESL in China or something.

Ok guys something's been bothering me for a really long time, and I can't figure it out.

I work at the toy section in Kmart, right. Well, there's these Jurassic World toys, and like, it really got me thinking out serious questions.

I can't decide whether my favorite dinosaur is a velociraptor, pterodactyl, or brontosaurus.

I've always like velociraptors. They run really cool and fast, and are like super agile T-Rexes. But smaller!
I've also always liked brontosauruses. They have long necks, and they're cool. The main character of The Land Before Time was a brontosaurus. I loved that movie.
And Pterodactyls. They have wings, and some really cool skull that like, is really long or something and goes behind their head. You know what I'm talking about. But they can swoop and murder things. That's cool.

So I'm asking the real questions, here.

...What is your favorite dinosaur?
  • Listening to: Teh Wumbets
  • Reading: Nothing because I'm illiterate
  • Watching: Nothing really.
  • Playing: Tee Eef Teu
  • Eating: Breakfast Corndog
  • Drinking: Wtr


Dear Everyone,

If you are one of the people who walk into a store, any store, and look at things, and then put it down crooked/in the wrong location, please reevaluate your life.

Every Retail Employee Ever
Have you ever thought about if you suddenly got amnesia and how confused you'd be trying to figure out why you dedicated half your life to a German doctor who kills people and fancies pigeons.

And why there's an actual pigeon living in your room.

Also I just put lotion on my hands and now they hurt really bad.
Someone help.
So, I'm working on an art project for school, and I got thinkin'...

If the Medic and Dr. House were to work together transplanting organs illegally in a city alleyway, how long would it take for one to get angry and kill the other?

This is totally relevant to what I'm doing, BTW.

... Teacher said the ad could be about anything.
Cool. Status updates. While I'm here, anyone else hate the word "doc" with a burning passion, or is it just me? Liek, say "doctor." Or, dangit, say "medic." Anything other than doc, omg.

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